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Our Story

Renovation X was started to help others renovate their lives. We strive to do our very best to ensure that when you purchase your home, there are no hidden surprises. All of our inspectors have actual construction experience. Which make us the most knowledgeable in the business. Trust us with your Home Inspections.

Our Offerings

Discover the experiences that make us different.

Residential and commercial Inspections

We are a Residentially and Commercially Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractors that have decades of construction experience and a team of professional subcontractors that will ensure that you get the best inspection possible.

Ancillary Services

Our ancillary services arsenal is the largest in the business. Insuring that you only have to have to make 1 phone call. We do Radon and Mold Testing, Sewer Scopes, Well Water Testing and more.

farm and ranch inspections

Our lead inspector was born on a farm/ranch and was a foreman for a ranch south of Torrington for several years before starting his first business as a Contractor Fencing Company, specializing in barbed wire. We know our way around farms and ranches and are trusted to inspect the entirety of the place. From the houses to the pivots, to the fences and the outbuildings. We are the only inspection company who can inspect irrigation systems and the residential properties at the same time.

Recreational Properties

Are you buying a cabin in the mountains? How about a cottage by the lake? Something in between? Renovation X has a fleet of ATV's and drones that allow us to explore your new property and discover any hidden surprises on the location. With the ability to travel quickly on the ground or get a bird's eye view, we are trusted to get the best inspection of your recreational property.



Tim was so knowledgeable and thorough when inspecting the home I am buying. He drove all the way to Sterling, CO and stayed to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Renovation X for home inspections!


As a first time home buyer I was completely lost on what we had to look at and know. Tim was so great and patient with us. He took his time to inspect our home thoroughly and efficiently. I am expecting so for him to take his time and explain things to me was even better. His dedication to educate his clients is amazing! If there were more than 5 stars I would have definitely given them to him!


Upon buying a home I needed an inspection with a slim deadline. I got Renovation X called right away and Tim answered the first time I called. That never happens!! Anyway, he scheduled us right away. He was set to come during a snow storm so I kept in contact and told him no worries if you can’t make it but he made it safely. The inspection was so thorough and professional, the best experience I’ve had during this first time home buyers experience. He made a second trip because of the roof and was so accommodating to us that I can’t thank him enough! His work is honest, ethical, and so helpful! Please don’t hesitate to call Tim if you need an inspection, he does NOT disappoint he’s prompt, honest, and that my friends is hard to come by in todays world! Call Tim!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the basic inspection include?

The Basic Inspection includes a visual inspection of the main components of the home. Including the roof, electrical system, the HVAC system and the plumbing system. As well as a visual inspection of the rest of the property as well. Including the condition of the foundation, sidewalks, slope and grade, windows, doors, etc.

What is a 4 point inspection?

A 4 point inspection ONLY looks at the Roof, the Electrical system, the HVAC and the Plumbing systems.

Can I book online, and what is your cancellation policy?

While we do prefer a phone call, you can book online. We also ask that if you need to cancel for any reason that you call at least 3 business days prior to cancellation or a small fee may be applied.

What makes us the best?

Again, we have the most experience of any inspector in the area. We build homes from the studs up on a daily basis. We know what is happening behind those walls. In addition, we also certified by InterNACHI and the Professional Home Inspection Institute. Most inspectors only hold 1 certification. We are constantly honing our skills and learning as much as we can to better serve you.

What if we find something we aren't sure of?

We have a team of licensed subcontractors including Plumbers, Roofers, and Electricians. We know that we do not know it all, so when in doubt, we always consult our experts.

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